You Deserve a Busy Restaurant

Attract New Customers, Stay Top Of Mind, and Bring Them Back - like Clockwork.

Exposure Systems Gets Results for Restaurants

You put your blood, sweat, tears - and probably your life savings into creating this bundle of joy known as your restaurant. Who knew keeping a constant flow of new and repeat visitors would be such a challenge? Exposure Systems transforms your marketing, drawing new customers in with irresistable offers, and bringing them back, month after month.

It's all in the reporting

We already had a big social media following, but thousands of likes and followers didnt turn into filled seats.

After Exposure Systems worked their magic, we saw results in the first month. Not earth shattering, but enough to pay for the service. The second month, even better. Its now month three and the flywheel is truly spinning. We see where this can go, and we are excited.

You'll be handling our marketing for a very long time. Thanks.

— Andy Monzon

They Know Restaurants

Marketing companies always left a sour taste in my mouth. You pay, and what do you get? Hard to tell. You run a promotion and people come, but it costs so much that its almost not worth doing.

Exposure Systems was different. They knew how to bring people in, but getting repeat visits - and proving it - is where they really shine. It still costs too much :) but when the customers come back they spend more money so it makes sense.

— Beverly J. Stover

No Complaints - and thats a First.

Margins are always tight, and marketing never seemed all that necessary because we're so close to a University.

We took a flyer on Exposure Systems for the slow summer months, and the ROI was hard to ignore. Now we're fully invested, and this will be our best year ever. Our VIP customers spend more than the college students, and the servers say they tip better, too. A job well done.

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